Move It MOVE IT brings together dancers, schools, professionals and iconic performers from across the U.K. and around the world. Founded in 2004, the three-day event has been growing bigger and stronger ever since! Now finding a home at the iconic London ExCeL Centre – MOVE IT celebrates dance and performing arts of all backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and styles.   During the three day weekend, there are hundreds of dance brands, colleges and schools coming to MOVE IT, along with dancers from across the country and Europe who come to perform, compete and showcase their fabulous skills.   You can take part in dance classes, watch worldRead More →

Thame Bowls Club Thame Bowls Club had its first committee meeting on the 24th April 1924 and by the time the 1925 season started there were 34 members. Today we are still flourishing with over 120 members.  Some eight years ago Vic Brooks and I, with our wives, went to an open day at Thame to try out Lawn Bowls. We were shown the rudiments of the game by John Timms, a very experienced bowler who was winning major competitions as far back as the 1970s and even today is still bowling a very high standard. We fell in love with the game and VicRead More →

Mendip Hockey Club Mendip Hockey Club is currently combining success on the pitch with a superb atmosphere off it. Sport in Profile Magazine caught up with their Chairman Andy Baird to find out more.   He told us, “I’ve been involved with what is now known as Mendip Hockey Club for at least 25 years. I started playing mixed hockey at the club and continued from there. At the moment we have five teams; two men’s and two ladies sides.”   “The mood at the club at the moment is very good. The strong relationships between the different sections of the club are great to see. We’veRead More →

Claygate Cricket Club ‘From fire to future’ … how a small club in Surrey is recovering from a devastating fire…  Recovering from a devastating fire and suffering the loss of a clubhouse is one thing, but Claygate Cricket Club’s clubhouse was less than five years old and destroyed by ‘wilful damage’, by vandals who were never caught.  The impact of the fire on both the club and the village has been devastating.  It’s a story of resilience and drive that now finds the club about to embark on a re-building project which will produce a clubhouse bigger and better than the previous one and provideRead More →

Alex Enlund SBG MMA Alex Enlund has faced a difficult year after he was sidelined from competition due to the appearance of a brain lesion but during that time his SBG MMA South Shields set up has gone from strength to strength. We recently caught up with Alex to find out more.   He told us, “I first set the SBG Gym up as a way for me to collect training partners. At the time I had to travel quite a distance to train in Sunderland so I set the gym up and then anybody that wanted to learn martial arts in South Shields could trainRead More →

Altrincham Synchro Club Altrincham Synchro Club runs a number of successful Synchronised Ice Skating Teams, providing people with a chance to take part in a safe and enjoyable environment. Sport in Profile Magazine recently caught up with Club Representative Lisa Forbes to find out more about the good work they have been doing.   She told us, “Encouraged by my daughter’s Coach Sam Ozard, we joined the Club in September 2014. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, and the 6am training time felt a bit alien. We weren’t sure whether we were cut out for this (a willing Parent is required! It’s not enough toRead More →

Pentathlon GB Pentathlon GB set-up their National Training Centre at the University of Bath nearly twenty years ago. National Performance Director Jan Bartu, who has been in position since April 1998, was pivotal in establishing this base which allows athletes to train for swimming, fencing, shooting and running all under one roof with riding taking place off-site.   Now, those pentathletes looking to compete at an elite level will traditionally come to  Bath for their studies while also training full time and using the world class facilities in the University of Bath’s £30 million Sports Training Village.  Working alongside Jan at the National Training Centre areRead More →

Racing Metro 15 Racing Metro 15 has been set up with the aim of developing and inspiring riders in their region. Sport in Profile Magazine recently caught up with Team Representative Steven Walton to find out more about the good work they’ve been doing lately.   Involvement  He told us, “I’ve personally been involved in coaching for around twelve years now, coaching riders from the age of five upwards. One of the riders I used to coach in the early days is now a member of the Great Britain National Team.   Although instances like this are rare, there are more riders coming into the sport asRead More →

Clarence Bowls Club Formed in 1907, Clarence Bowling Club is situated just off the seafront in Clarence Park Weston-super Mare. Membership from the clubs inception rose rapidly, and in 1926 Clarence Ladies Bowling Club was formed, followed in 1965 by Wessex Ladies Bowling Club. At the moment total membership is approximately 200.  With a superb modern pavilion, three outside greens, an indoor rink, short mat facilities and a thriving social club plus new outdoor petanque area set in the picturesque Clarence Park the three clubs are the envy of many clubs in Somerset.  In 2011, Tony Mannion was elected as the secretary of Clarence Men’sRead More →

Newcastle Roller Girls It has been a successful year for all of the Newcastle Roller Girls teams this season. Sport in Profile Magazine recently caught up with their Head Coach Kerri ‘Kalamity’ James to find out more about how they have been getting along.   Involvement  She told us, “I’ve been skating and involved with Newcastle Roller Girls for about eight and a half years. A friend founded the league, asked me if I wanted to come along, and I’ve been there at least twice a week ever since!”   The Role  “I’m head coach for the league. We have around 80 members and three travel teamsRead More →

Paul Smith Strongman Paul Smith suffered the disappointment of losing the England’s Strongest Man title this year but wasted no time picking himself as he bounced back with a Ultimate Strongman Junior World Championship title. Sport in Profile Magazine recently caught up with Paul to find out how things are going.  SIP: How long have you been involved and what first attracted you to Strongman competition?  PS: I have been training for strongman for just over six years now. I was training in a local gym when I was 16 with no real competitive goals when I met a guy that had trained for strongmanRead More →

Sheffield Steelkings Para Ice Hockey Club Sheffield Steelkings Para Ice Hockey Club does a fantastic job of offering people a chance to take part in the sport in a safe and enjoyable environment. Sport in Profile Magazine recently caught up with Club Representative Jake Oakley to find out more.  He told us, “We’ve just had our third season and I’ve been with the club since they were founded. I enjoy having the opportunity to give back to be honest; it is nice to be able to help run a team where disability doesn’t stand in the way of playing the sport of ice hockey.”    “We’veRead More →